Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Who Are You? (¿Quién eres?)

Imagine that you were about to speak to a group of people,
and no one there had any idea who you were, just another speaker in a line-up of speakers,
and the MC became suddenly hoarse,
and whispered to you "please do your own introduction of yourself before you speak"
...what would you say?

Would you tell where you were born?
Where you work?
What accomplishments you've had in life?

What is it about You that truly matters?
What words would communicate who You really are?
What details would those people need and want to hear about You?

Interesting questions....

At this point in my life, I have few "accomplishments" to list. I don't currently have a job or career. And I'm not sure those things would matter anyway.

Here's what I do know. Here's what I might say in such a situation:

"I've been asked to introduce myself, which is a little awkward. But also freeing. So who am I?

I'm a passionate woman, with plenty of weaknesses and faults. I'm a learner, who's still in process. I'm a clay pot, filled with a glory not my own. I'm a woman deeply loved by a holy God, who is my Heavenly Father. I'm a grateful receiver of abundant grace through my precious Savior, Jesus Christ. I am who He says I am, not who others say, or who I sometimes feel like. I am His follower, His ambassador, His beloved."

May I never forget it.

Your turn. What would you say?
Please leave a comment and introduce yourself. =)

¿Quién eres?

Imagina que estabas a punto de empezar a hablar a un grupo de gente
y nadie allí tenía idea de quién eras, solamente otro hablante en una lista de oradores.
Y la maestra de ceremonias de repente se puso ronca
y te susurró: “Por favor, haz tu propia presentación antes de hablar.”
…¿qué dirías?

Dirías dónde naciste?
¿dónde trabajas?
¿qué logros has tenido en la vida?

¿Qué es eso de ti que realmente importa?
¿Cuáles palabras comunicarían quien eres realmente?
¿Cuáles detalles necesitan y quieren escuchar esas personas acerca de ti?

Interesantes preguntas…

En este punto de mi vida tengo pocos “logros” en la lista. Actualmente no tengo un trabajo o una carrera. Y no estoy segura de que esas cosas sean importantes, en todo caso.

Aquí está lo que sé. Esto es lo que posiblemente diría en una situación así:

“Se me pidió que me presente yo misma, lo que es un poquito extraño. Pero también liberador. Entonces, ¿quién soy?

Soy una mujer apasionada, con muchas debilidades y fallas. Soy una aprendiz que todavía está en el proceso. Soy una vasija de arcilla, llena de una gloria que no es propia. Soy una mujer profundamente amada por un Dios santo, que es mi Padre Celestial. Soy una receptora agradecida de abundante gracia a través de mi precioso Salvador, Jesucristo. Soy quien Él dice que soy, no quien otros dicen o quien a veces siento que soy. Soy Su seguidora, Su embajadora, Su amada.”

Que nunca lo olvide.

Tu turno. ¿Qué dirías?
Por favor, deja un comentario y preséntate tú mismo. =)


Jason said...

I am who He created me to be. I am His work in progress, being shaped by the people He and events He put in my life. I am not a victim of circumstances, I am the person He chose to make a difference, and shape those around me. I am a flawed tool that He graciously chooses to use every day. The more time I spend with Him, the more effective I will be in fulfilling His will in my life. I am not defined by my past mistakes, the blood of Jesus is more than enough to restore me and give me a new identity. His identity. It's a beautiful thing, He chooses to restore us and shape us even though we have failed before, and will fail again. His love is so powerful to restore. Thank you Jesus, for making this possible!

Joanna K. Harris said...

Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing!