Wednesday, October 10, 2018

May I Ask You A Question?

I tend to ask a lot of questions.

Perhaps it's from my personality. Or maybe it's from years of illness, when I spent hours a day just thinking. Maybe it's the writer in me, always asking: "Why, what, when, where, how?" Or perhaps it's from being trained as a life coach....

It's probably all of these factors - that leave me with more questions than answers, pretty much every day.

Do you ask a lot of questions? If so, you understand what I'm talking about. But if not, I know you do ask some questions. Think about the questions you often ask. Do you ask yourself questions? Do you ask God questions? Do you feel like your questions are answered more often than not? Or does it seem like they just go on being unanswered?

(I did warn you that I ask a lot of questions, lol.) =)

Questions actually play a vital role in our lives...

*They open the way for communication.
*They cause us to think, to consider, to evaluate, and to make decisions.
*Questions bring to life possibilities.
*Questions remind us that we aren't perfect, and we don't know it all.

What else do you think questions do in your life?

So why am I going on and on about questions? Good question. =)

Here's today's revelation for me: You can't have an answer, without first having a question.

I like answers. I like to know what's true, what's the right thing, what's the best path, etc. But I won't necessarily know those things until I ask some questions.

I think the challenge for us is learning to ask the best questions. How do we get beyond the surface questions? How do we move past the visible things to the real heart issues? Where do we get the courage we need to ask what it is we really want to know?

I think the easy answer is that learning to ask the best questions is a process. When I first started life coaching, I had a few good questions I knew to ask. Then I would talk with experienced life coaches, and I was amazed at some of the questions they asked. They had developed the skill of learning to ask the best questions. And they were able to help people experience the transformation they wanted in their lives.

Learning to ask questions - to ourselves, to others, and to God - is a process. Thankfully the Holy Spirit is our Counselor, and He helps us. It's a good thing too, because in the process of asking questions...

I usually learn some things I didn't necessarily want to know.
I may not get answers to certain things I ask.
I don't always like the answers I do get.
I often end up with even more questions than when I started.

...but if I don't ask, then I won't learn, and I won't get any answers, and I probably won't experience the change and transformation I really do want in my life.

Questions are a tool God has given us, to be used with humility, openness, curiosity, patience, and courage.

So in case you haven't noticed yet, this post is really more about asking you a question than giving you an answer. =)

What do you desire most?
Who do you want to be one year from now?
What holds you back from asking the questions that stir in your soul?

Are you ready to start asking questions?
Are you willing to keep waiting for answers you've sought?
Are you enjoying the process of asking, learning, waiting, and being transformed?

Wherever you are today, I hope this post causes you to think. I hope it leads you to ask questions, and keep asking, and keep seeking...and see God do more than you ever thought possible.

"Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, and he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks it will be opened."
-Jesus (Matthew 7:7-8)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

The Good (Lo Bueno)

Some days words fail me.

Every day God's Word is alive and active and never fails.

So here are some of God's words for you today:

"You, Lord, are forgiving and good, abounding in love to all who call to you." -Psalm 86:5

"And the LORD said, 'I will cause all my goodness to pass in front of you, and I will proclaim my name, the LORD, in your presence.'" -Exodus 33:19a

"Taste and see that the LORD is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him." -Psalm 34:8

"You are good, and what you do is good...." -Psalm 119:68

"I am the good shepherd. The good shepherd lays down his life for the sheep." -John 10:11

"...You know with all your heart and soul that not one of all the good promises the Lord your God gave you has failed. Every promise has been fulfilled; not one has failed." -Joshua 23:14

"And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose." -Romans 8:28

"You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives." -Genesis 50:20

"I remain confident of this: I will see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living." -Psalm 27:13

"How abundant are the good things that you have stored up for those who fear you, that you bestow in the sight of all, on those who take refuge in you." -Psalm 31:19

"Surely your goodness and love will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the LORD forever." -Psalm 23:6


Lo Bueno

Algunos días me faltan las palabras.

Todos los días la Palabra de Dios está viva y activa y nunca falla.

Así que aquí están algunas de las palabras de Dios para ti hoy:

“Tú, Señor, eres bueno y perdonador; grande es tu amor por todos los que te invocan.” –Salmos 86:5

“Y el Señor le respondió: —Voy a darte pruebas de mi bondad, y te daré a conocer mi nombre.” –Éxodo 33:19a

“Prueben y vean que el Señor es bueno; dichosos los que en él se refugian.” –Salmos 34:8

“Tú eres bueno, y haces el bien….” –Salmos 119:68

“Yo soy el buen pastor. El buen pastor da su vida por las ovejas.” –Juan 10:11

“…Ustedes bien saben que ninguna de las buenas promesas del Señor su Dios ha dejado de cumplirse al pie de la letra. Todas se han hecho realidad, pues él no ha faltado a ninguna de ellas.” –Josué 23:14

“Ahora bien, sabemos que Dios dispone todas las cosas para el bien de quienes lo aman, los que han sido llamados de acuerdo con su propósito.” –Romanos 8:28

“Es verdad que ustedes pensaron hacerme mal, pero Dios transformó ese mal en bien para lograr lo que hoy estamos viendo: salvar la vida de mucha gente.” –Génesis 50:20

“Pero de una cosa estoy seguro: he de ver la bondad del Señor en esta tierra de los vivientes.” –Salmos 27:13

“Cuán grande es tu bondad, que atesoras para los que te temen, y que a la vista de la gente derramas sobre los que en ti se refugian.” –Salmos 31:19

“La bondad y el amor me seguirán todos los días de mi vida; y en la casa del Señor habitaré para siempre.” –Salmos 23:6


Wednesday, September 12, 2018

God's Position In Your Life (La posición de Dios en tu vida)

Today I want to share a post from a dear friend. With his love for Jesus, love for people, and godly wisdom, he is a great blessing to me and many others. I hope you'll be encouraged by what he has to share. =)

What is God’s position in your life? by Dave Lundquist

Several years ago, I attended a retreat called, "Faith Matters." Here’s a question: is this title an adjective and a noun – meaning "matters of faith"? Or is it a noun and a verb – meaning "faith is important"? It turns out that both are true.

The facilitator of the retreat asked us to find a quiet place and describe our spiritual journey using a method that was unfamiliar to us. If we were "word" people (as I obviously am), then we should use art materials, which she generously provided.

My pastel drawing of my journey showed the peaks and valleys – the ups and downs of my spiritual life. I then drew the hand of God over the entire path, knowing that God was always present with me in good times and bad.

I discovered this drawing again months later. I thought to myself that if I did it again, I would probably draw God’s hand under my path – for two reasons. First, He is beneath me to support me and catch me if I fall. Second, on deep reflection, I realized that I was closer to God at the low points of my journey.

One day I was having a conversation with a friend about where God is. The natural response seems to be, "God is above us." Or, "God is up there" (pointing heavenward). After a bit of conversation about that, we began thinking of other “locations” for God, like beneath, or around, or within.

Do you remember the game Mad Libs? It provided a story with blanks to be filled in by the players, and the blanks had to be a specific part of speech, like  NOUN ,  VERB , etc. Our God-conversation soon evolved into a Mad Libs exercise following this format:

"God is  PREPOSITION  us to  VERB  us."

For example, "God is above us to watch over us." We began to go back and forth using this approach. Here are some more examples:

·      God is beneath us to support us.
·      God is between us to keep us together.
·      God is before us to lead us.
·      God is around us to protect us.
·      God is within us to fill us.
·      God is beside us to attend us.

Try it yourself.

As I reflect on all of this, I’ve come to realize that these approaches are flawed. Though there is value and wisdom in them, they limit a limitless God!

I am reminded of a book I read many years ago called, "Your God is Too small" by J. B. Phillips, and another book, which I read more recently called, "The Knowledge of the Holy" by A. W. Tozer. Both books admonish us not to make God in our image, but rather to realize that God is everywhere, everything, and majestic beyond words – yet He still loves each of us immeasurably.

La posición de Dios en tu vida

Hoy quiero compartir una publicación de un querido amigo. Con su amor por Jesús, por la gente y su sabiduría piadosa, él es una gran bendición para mí y para muchos otros. Confío en que serás animado por lo que tiene para compartir. =)

¿Cuál es la posición de Dios en tu vida? Por Dave Lundquist

Hace varios años asistí a un retiro de nombre “La fe es importante.” He aquí una pregunta: ¿Este título es un sustantivo y un adjetivo – queriendo decir “asuntos de fe”? O es un sustantivo y un verbo - con el significado de “¿la fe es importante”? Resulta que las dos son verdad.

La facilitadora del retiro nos pidió que encontráramos un lugar silencioso y describiéramos nuestro viaje espiritual usando un método con el que no estábamos familiarizados. Si éramos personas de “palabra” (como yo obviamente soy), entonces debíamos usar materiales de arte, los cuales ella generosamente proveyó.

El dibujo de mi viaje en colores pastel mostró los picos y valles – las subidas y bajadas de mi vida espiritual. Luego dibujé la mano de Dios a lo largo de todo el camino, sabiendo que Dios siempre estuvo presente conmigo en buenos y malos tiempos.

Descubrí otra vez este dibujo meses después. Pensé que si lo hacía de nuevo, pintaría la mano de Dios debajo de mi camino – por dos razones. Primera, Él está debajo de mí para apoyarme y agarrarme si caigo. Segunda, en profunda reflexión, me di cuenta que estaba más cerca de Dios en los puntos bajos de mi camino.

Un día tenía una conversación con un amigo acerca de dónde está Dios. La respuesta natural parece ser “Dios está sobre nosotros.” O “Dios está allá arriba” (apuntando hacia el cielo). Después de unos minutos de conversación al respecto, comenzamos a pensar en otras “ubicaciones” de Dios como “debajo, alrededor o dentro”

“Recuerdas el juego Mad Libs? Ese provee una historia con espacios en blanco para ser llenados por los jugadores, y los espacios en blanco deben llenarse con una parte específica del discurso como SUSTANTIVO, VERBO, etc. Nuestra conversación acerca de Dios se convirtió pronto en un ejercicio de Mad Libs siguiendo este formato:

“Dios es PREPOSICIÓN  y VERBO para nosotros.”

Por ejemplo, “Dios está sobre nosotros para vigilarnos.” Comenzamos a avanzar y retroceder usando este enfoque. He aquí algunos otros ejemplos:

Dios está debajo de nosotros para apoyarnos.
Dios está entre nosotros para mantenernos unidos.
Dios está delante de nosotros para guiarnos.
Dios está alrededor nuestro para protegernos.
Dios está dentro de nosotros para llenarnos.
Dios está al lado nuestro para ayudarnos.

Inténtalo tú mismo.

Cuando reflexiono sobre todo esto, he llegado a darme cuenta que estos enfoques son defectuosos. Aunque hay valor y sabiduría en ellos, ¡limitan a un Dios ilimitable!

Me acuerdo de un libro, que leí hace muchos años, titulado “Tu Dios es Muy pequeño”, escrito por J. B. Phillips, y otro libro, que leí más recientemente, titulado El conocimiento del Santo” por A. W. Tozer. Ambos nos exhortan a no hacer a Dios a nuestra imagen, sino darnos cuenta de que Dios está en todas partes, es todo y majestuoso más allá de las palabras – sin embargo, nos sigue amando a cada uno inmensurablemente.

Saturday, September 1, 2018

God's Story (La Historia de Dios)

I've been doing some research on stories in history lately, which has been fun for me. I've enjoyed learning about history since the 4th grade when I was captivated by the stories in my American History book.

I think it can easy for us to forget about history...especially today when the world is moving so fast and it seems like things change weekly or daily. Companies are always "upgrading" or "improving" their products. And there's more news for each new day than we can take in, let alone think about something that happened 50 or 100 years ago.

At the same time, wise people in every generation have understood the value of remembering and learning from history. In the Bible God told His people many times to remember or not to forget what He had done for them.

"Remember the former things long past, For I am God, and there is no other; I am God, and there is no one like Me" (Isaiah 46:9).

The Israelites had specific holidays throughout the year to commemorate historical events, such as the Passover when they left Egypt. They took time each year to remember.

This week God gave me a different perspective about history. I realized that in my life, it's not my history I'm looking at - it's God's history with me. Yes, God has a history with me - and He has a history with you too.

Pause for a moment, and remember a time when God did something significant in your life.

Can you see how God was writing "His story" in your life through that? He was establishing history in your relationship with Him.

When I took just a few minutes to remember, I was amazed all over again at God's work in my life - in so many specific ways, and different things at different times.... What a rich history He has given me with Him!

When I'm feeling "stuck" or down or confused in the moment, it helps to look back and see God's history in my life. He has always been at work in my life. He has been continuously developing my relationship with Him. He has been faithfully writing His story - a story of His love, His grace, His faithfulness, His beauty, His me personally.

And He has been doing the same for you.

I encourage you to take some time this week to remember God's history with you. What has He done? How has He shown Himself in your life? And how does that encourage you where you are today?

Perhaps in heaven we'll get to share our stories with each other of God's specific history with each of us. That sounds like a great way to spend eternity. =)

For now, let's take time to remember. Then hopefully we'll be ready when God gives us opportunities to share His history with us to those who need to hear.

Awesome God, we thank you that you are the God who is, who was, and who is to come. Hallelujah!

P.S. I wanted to say a big "Thank you!" to all of you who prayed for my friend Martha earlier this year. She is doing much better and continues to recover. All glory to God! We are so thankful for His healing in her life and for giving her more time to be a blessing on this earth. =)

Praise God that Martha is able to translate these blog posts once again, so we will start including the Spanish translations from here forward.

Thanks again for your prayers!

La Historia de Dios

Últimamente he estado investigando algunas crónicas en historia, lo que me ha agradado mucho. He disfrutado aprender sobre historia desde el cuarto grado cuando fui cautivada por las crónicas en mi libro de Historia Americana.

Creo que puede ser fácil para nosotros olvidar sobre la historia…especialmente ahora que el mundo se está moviendo tan rápido y parece que las cosas cambian semanal o diariamente. Las compañías están siempre "actualizando" o "mejorando" sus productos. Y hay más noticias para cada nuevo día de las que podemos tomar, ni hablar de pensar en algo que sucedió hace 50 o 100 años.

Al mismo tiempo, las personas sabias en cada generación han entendido el valor de recordar y aprender de la historia. En la Biblia Dios dijo a Su pueblo muchas veces que recordara o no olvidara lo que Él había hecho por ellos.

"Acordaos de las cosas pasadas desde los tiempos antiguos; porque yo soy Dios, y no hay otro Dios, y nada hay semejante a mí" (Is. 46:9).

Los israelitas tenían festivos específicos a lo largo del año para conmemorar eventos históricos, como la Pascua cuando dejaron Egipto. Tomaban tiempo para recordarlo cada año.

Esta semana Dios me dio una perspectiva diferente acerca de la historia. Me di cuenta que, en mi vida, no es a mi historia a la que estoy mirando - es a la historia de Dios conmigo. Sí, Dios tiene una historia conmigo - y Él tiene una historia contigo también.

Toma un momento y recuerda una ocasión en la que Dios hizo algo significativo en tu vida.

¿Puedes ver como Dios estaba escribiendo "Su historia" en tu vida a través de eso? Estaba estableciendo una historia en tu relación con Él.

Cuando tomé sólo unos minutos para recordar, me maravillé grandemente otra vez ante la obra de Dios en mi vida – en tantas maneras específicas y cosas diferentes en diferentes momentos…. ¡Que rica historia me ha dado con Él!

Cuando me siento "atascada," deprimida o confundida en el momento, me ayuda mirar atrás y ver la historia de Dios en mi vida. Siempre ha estado obrando en ella. Continuamente ha estado desarrollando mi relación con Él. Fielmente ha estado escribiendo Su historia – una historia de Su amor, Su gracia, Su fidelidad, Su belleza, Su bondad…hacia mí personalmente.

Y Él ha estado haciendo lo mismo por ti.

Te animo a tomar un tiempo esta semana para recordar la historia de Dios contigo. ¿Qué ha hecho Él? ¿Cómo se ha mostrado a Sí mismo en tu vida? Y ¿cómo te anima eso donde estás hoy?

Tal vez en el cielo podremos compartir unos con otros cada historia específica de Dios con cada uno de nosotros. Eso parece una gran manera de pasar la eternidad. =)

Por ahora tomemos tiempo para recordar. Así tendremos la esperanza de estar listos cuando Dios nos dé oportunidades de compartir Su historia con nosotros a aquellos que necesiten escuchar.

Maravilloso Dios, te damos gracias porque tú eres el Dios que eres, que eras y que vendrás. ¡Aleluya!

P.D. Quiero expresar un gran "¡Gracias!" A todos los que oraron por mi amiga Martha a comienzos de este año. Está mucho mejor y continúa recuperándose. ¡Toda la gloria para Dios! Estamos muy agradecidos por Su curación en su vida y por darle más tiempo para ser de bendición en esta tierra.=)

Gracias a Dios que Martha puede traducir mis entradas en el blog una vez más, así que estaremos incluyendo las traducciones en español de ahora en adelante. 

¡Gracias otra vez por sus oraciones!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Unexpected Expected Blessings (Inesperadas Esperadas Bendiciones)

Christine Caine has a new book out called "Unexpected," and I hope I'll get to read it soon. The quotes and excerpts I've read so far have been helpful and encouraging. It's a topic we all can relate to.

Each of us face unexpected situations, trials, and challenges in life. And the reality is that we are not in control. But when unexpected things do happen, we know the One who is in control. And the amazing thing about God is that so many times He works through those unexpected challenges to give us unexpected blessings.

I was reading in Romans 15 recently, and I paused after reading this verse:
"I know that when I come to you, I will come in the full measure of the blessing of Christ." (v.29)

Paul was writing a letter to the Christians in Rome. He wanted to visit them and this was his expectation - that he would visit them "in the full measure of the blessing of Christ."

When I read his words, I thought, "That's not what happened!" Paul was arrested in Jerusalem by his own people who accused him of many things. The Jews plotted to kill him, and he finally appealed to Caesar, so he was shipped to Rome as a prisoner. And then he endured a horrible storm and shipwreck on the way to Rome...that doesn't sound like the "full measure of the blessing of Christ." Does it?

Well, the Holy Spirit didn't let me stop there.

Paul's expectation was to go to Rome in the blessing of Christ. The way he got to Rome certainly was not what he expected. It was a painful and perilous journey.

But then I turned to Acts 28 to read the rest of the story. Here's what it says:
"When we got to Rome, Paul was allowed to live by himself, with a soldier to guard him. ... For two whole years Paul stayed there in his own rented house and welcomed all who came to see him. He proclaimed the kingdom of God and taught about the Lord Jesus Christ--with all boldness and without hindrance!" -Acts 28:16, 30-31

Wow! The apostle who faced persecution in almost every place he'd ever been was given an unexpected blessing of two years of peace and unhindered ministry! Two years of being "under guard" also meant he was guarded from those who might otherwise have persecuted him. In a sense, he had built in protection. He was able to preach and teach and evangelize to everyone who came to see him.

I think that might be considered "the full measure of the blessing of Christ." Don't you?

So, yes his journey was unexpected. But the result was an unexpected gift. And the expected full measure of the blessing of Christ was probably even better than what he had originally imagined.

Right now you may still be in the middle of your painful or perilous journey. You may be wondering what happened to the full measure of the blessing of Christ in your life. I've felt that way lately. But I'm so thankful that Jesus opened my eyes to see this unexpected part of Paul's story.

As God's children we can always have an expectation of His blessing. Jesus died on the cross in order to take all of our failure, sin, and guilt. And instead Jesus gave us the gift of His righteousness and favor with God. God is blessing us because of Jesus. That's God's character - faithful, righteous, just, gracious, loving, good.

However, the way God's blessings come in our lives are often not the way we expect. I don't know about you, but I want to live expecting God's blessing in my life. But I also want to have faith to trust Him to bring His blessing in whatever unexpected way He chooses. This is not easy. Yet I believe there is a moment of awe-filled wonder ahead for us when we see how God used the unexpected journey to bring blessing beyond what we ever expected!

Hallelujah! All praise to our God.

Inesperadas Esperadas Bendiciones
Christine Caine ha publicado un nuevo libro llamado “Inesperado” y espero terminar de leerlo pronto. Las citas y extractos que he leído hasta ahora han sido de ayuda y de ánimo. Es un tema con el que todos podemos relacionarnos.
Cada uno de nosotros enfrenta situaciones, pruebas y desafíos inesperados en la vida. Y la verdad es que no estamos en control. Pero cuando cosas inesperadas suceden, conocemos al Único que está en  control. Y lo asombroso acerca de Dios es que muchas veces Él obra a través de esos desafíos inesperados para darnos bendiciones inesperadas.
Recientemente estuve leyendo en Romanos 15 e hice una pausa después de leer este versículo: “Y sé que cuando vaya a vosotros, llegaré con abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo” (v. 29)
Pablo estaba escribiendo una carta a los cristianos en Roma. Quería visitarlos “con abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo.”
Cuando leí estas palabras pensé “¡Eso no fue lo que pasó!” Pablo fue arrestado en Jerusalén por su propia gente que lo acusaba de muchas cosas. Los judíos conspiraron para matarlo y él, finalmente, apeló a César así que lo embarcaron a Roma como prisionero. Y luego soportó una terrible tormenta y un naufragio yendo hacia allá… eso no suena como “la abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo.” ¿Verdad?
Bueno, el Espíritu Santo no me permitió detenerme allí.
La expectativa de Pablo era ir a Roma con la bendición del evangelio de Cristo. La forma como llegó allí ciertamente no fue como esperaba. Fue un viaje doloroso y peligroso.
Pero luego fui a Hechos 28 a leer el resto de la historia. Aquí está lo que dice:
“Cuando llegamos a Roma, el centurión entregó los presos al prefecto militar, pero a Pablo se le permitió vivir aparte, con un soldado que le custodiase… Y Pablo permaneció dos años enteros en una casa alquilada, y recibía a todos los que a él venían, predicando el reino de Dios y enseñando acerca del Señor Jesucristo, abiertamente y sin impedimento” –Hch. 28:16, 30-31
¡Guau! Al apóstol que enfrentó persecución en casi todos los lugares en los que alguna vez estuvo le dieron una bendición inesperada de ¡dos años de paz y ministerio sin impedimento! Dos años de estar “custodiado” también significaba que estaba custodiado por aquellos que en otras circunstancias lo habrían perseguido. En algún sentido había encontrado protección. Pudo predicar, enseñar y evangelizar a todos los que llegaron a visitarlo.
Pienso que eso puede considerarse “la abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo.” ¿Verdad?
Entonces sí, su viaje fue inesperado. Pero el resultado fue un regalo inesperado. Y la esperada abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo probablemente fue aún mejor de lo que él había pensado originalmente.
Puede ser que ahora mismo estés en medio de tu doloroso o peligroso viaje. Puedes estar preguntándote qué pasó con la abundancia de la bendición del evangelio de Cristo en tu vida. Yo me he sentido así últimamente. Pero estoy muy agradecida porque Jesús abrió mis ojos para ver esta inesperada parte de la historia de Pablo.
Como hijos de Dios podemos tener siempre una expectativa de Su bendición. Jesús murió en la cruz para llevar todos nuestros fracasos, pecados y culpas. Y en su lugar nos dio el regalo de Su justicia y favor con Dios. Dios nos está bendiciendo gracias a Jesús. Ése es el carácter de Dios – fiel, único, justo, lleno de gracia, amoroso, bondadoso.
Sin embargo, la manera en que llegan las bendiciones de  Dios a nuestras vidas usualmente no son como las esperamos. No sé de ti, pero yo quiero vivir esperando la bendición de Dios en mi vida. Pero también quiero tener fe para confiar en que Él enviará Su bendición en cualquiera que sea la manera que Él escoja. Esto no es fácil. Con todo, yo creo que hay un momento de indescriptible maravilla delante de nosotros cuando vemos como Dios usó el inesperado viaje para traer bendición ¡más allá de lo que nunca imaginamos!
¡Aleluya! Toda alabanza sea dada a nuestro Dios.

Thursday, July 5, 2018

He's Still There

I apologize that this post is a day late. I was in Idaho for a week seeing my doctor there and just got back to FL and am still recovering. So today I thought I'd repost something I wrote last year. I needed the same encouragement again today. Funny how God can use something He gave you in the past to meet a need in the present. He's faithful like that.

Anyway, here it is. A reminder that whatever you're going through, even if you feel like you can't "see" Him, God is still with you. He's still there.

Unseen Reality (from 2017)

I enjoyed a wonderful visit in Scotland this summer! In that part of the world, the weather is very different from Florida in the summer. It's cooler there and rains a lot, and it's more often cloudy than sunny. We did have some nice sunny days, but other days it was so cloudy we didn't see the sun at all. 

While I was there, God also worked it out for me to go to Northern Ireland for a week, which was a sweet blessing! I took a short flight from Scotland to Northern Ireland. As the plane climbed into the sky, we flew through a thick cloud bank. Suddenly we came out on top of the clouds, and the sun was blazing brilliantly in the sky!
It was like I suddenly remembered that the sun did still exist, even though I hadn't seen it in a while. There it was shining brightly over the top of that cloud bank. The sun had never left or wavered or faltered. I just hadn't been able to see it through the clouds. 

The fact is that the sun doesn't move or change. The earth moves, and clouds can come and block our view, but the sun is always shining its light. 

I think we often forget this truth because we say things like, "I wish the sun would come out" or "The sun disappeared behind a cloud." In reality, the sun didn't hide or move. But we often speak words based on the perception of what we see or feel, not on the greater unseen reality. 

We can do the same with God, can't we? He is always there, unchanging. Jesus is always present, shining His light in our lives. But sometimes we can't see Him because of stormy circumstances or a dark night of the soul. We may say things like, "Where is God now?" or "I wish God would show up in my life." But the unseen reality is that He is ever-present, always glorious.

Maybe sometimes we just need a little flight of faith to lift us above the cloud banks, where we can see His light blazing so brightly that we pause in awe. Where we remember that He is present. He is beautiful. And He is active in our lives. 

Maybe we need to speak words that reflect the unseen reality of who Jesus is, instead of how we feel in the moment.

He has never left us. 
His love for us endures through every storm. 
His faithfulness never fails. 
His mercies are new every morning.  
He is eternally good.

I'm thankful God has given us His Word, our source of truth and the fuel of our faith. And I'm thankful God speaks to us through His creation, reminding us of eternal realities that are sure and steady, even though unseen.  

"Though you have not seen Him (Jesus), you love Him; and even though you do not see Him now, you believe in Him and are filled with an inexpressible and glorious joy, for you are receiving the end result of your faith, the salvation of your souls." -1 Peter 1:8-9