Strengthened By Grace - Encouragement For Difficult Seasons

"Life is full of hardships and trials, but God’s grace is always available to us, stronger than our need…His strengthening grace that enables me to persevere, to stand firm and to hold onto hope.”

Are you in a difficult season? Do you feel in need of encouragement? Strengthened By Grace contains 52 devotions written by someone who understands hardships and who has experienced God’s grace in trials. You’ll be encouraged by truths and testimonies of God’s love and faithfulness. Above all, you’ll find riches of His unceasing, strengthening grace.


"Joanna K. Harris has given me such encouragement through her books. I have read and reread her first book, Grace In Time Of Need. The poems and devotions are written from a heart that knows suffering but has found God’s grace. You will be delighted to find a young author so in love with her God.” -Olivia Wolf (UIM Missionary)

"Strengthened By Grace is a book born out of experience. Each chapter presents practical biblical truth in a personable and meaningful way. Each page uplifts you and brings you face to face with the majesty and glory of God. Wherever you are in your spiritual journey, this book will be an encouragement to you.” -Dr. Adam McClendon (Pastor of Springhill Baptist Church)

Seeing God Through The Storm - Empowering Truths from the Book of Job

Each chapter contains thought provoking questions and a journal page for reflection. A Discussion Guide is included for use with small groups, one-on-one mentoring, or Sunday School classes. Whether reading this book individually or as a group, you'll find life-changing truths that will empower you to draw closer to God in your storm.

Join me in exploring the story of Job to discover how we can see more of God in our storms. These 31 chapters use passages from both Old and New Testaments to shine light on Job’s trial and to offer encouragement on topics such as fear, hope, brokenness, faith, and God's love.


“Joanna K. Harris brings the timeless truths of the suffering of Job into sharp 21st-century focus. Seeing God Through The Storm will provide you with fresh insight and encouragement for facing life’s storms with a vital faith in God's gracious purpose for us. Each chapter contains thought-provoking questions designed to drive the truths home to life.” –Dr. Don Hawkins 

“In her book, Seeing God Through The Storm, Joanna observes that one of the ‘gifts’ Job received during his momentous storm was the priceless privilege of seeing God for the first time. Because of her own ongoing storm, Joanna, too, has seen the Lord in fresh and powerful ways. With wisdom gained from her adversity, you will be encouraged to persevere through your own storms as you ponder her profound meditations from the book of Job. You will also be blessed in being reminded that as you endure you will see God.” –Cynthia Heald 

"One of the greatest challenges we all face is how to understand God in the midst of suffering. Seeing God Through The Storm provides a practical, heart-felt approach to Job’s message, bringing it alive today. For me, what makes this book even more powerful is knowing that Joanna hasn’t simply written about these truths, but she has faithfully lived them out in the midst of her own storms. I highly recommend this book.” –Dr. Adam McClendon 

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Grace In Time Of Need: Encouragement For Those Who Are Suffering

Are you going through a time of suffering? In times of pain God’s grace and comfort can become more real to us. I’ve learned that His grace is available in so many ways.

I’m so thankful God enabled me to write these 52 devotionals in the midst of my severe health trial. I pray you’ll find the encouragement you need in your suffering.


“I have so loved the  poems and wonderful devotionals that have touched my heart. I have given your book to missionaries and friends that I love dearly. It has been a blessing to them.”  -Olivia W.

“I have a friend whose husband was dying of cancer. I gave her your book. He went to be with the Lord last Monday. She said your book was a big blessing to her every time she opened it she got something she needed. I just wanted to let you know it was a blessing to yet another person. I am sure the reality of your sharing comes through because of your suffering.”  -Sue W.

He’s My GOD! Knowing God Through His Names: A Children’s Devotional Book 1

These 18 simple deovtions about different names of God will delight and encourage your children. Kids love the photos of children in it, and they’ll learn valuable truths about who God is.


“Joanna K. Harris and Jen Kallin’s He’s My GOD! children’s devotional has been refreshing and inspiring to read with my 5 year old daughter. I love the way it brings a simple approach to who God is through his various names, as sometimes it can be a challenge to explain God to a child. I find I am being reminded of all the beautiful and creative aspects of God and appreciating the time to learn alongside of my daughter. Makes for great snuggle time, short, sweet and educational.” -Kierstyn B.

He’s My GOD! Knowing God Through His Names: A Children’s Devotional Book 2

How many of God’s names do your children know? In Book 2 of He’s My GOD! your children can learn 18 more names of God that will teach them about His character. 

Written for ages 6-10 in kid-friendly language, each devotion is illustrated with engaging photos of children. 

As your kids read these devotions, either on their own or together with the family, they’ll be encouraged as they get to know God better. 


“The names of God provide children an early look into God’s character and it is from this solid foundation they build a life-long relationship with Him.  This devotional provides children with a clear picture of God’s attributes in an understandable way.” 
–Chuck P.

“What’s in a name? God has revealed much about His character and essence in His names, and Joanna K. Harris reminds us of these blessed truths in a succinct yet memorable way. Grandparents, parents, and teachers alike will greatly benefit from He’s My GOD! After reading it for the first time, I could not wait to read it to my six-year-old. I suspect you will follow suit!” 
–David S.