Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Birthdays, Dreams and New Frontiers

Two years ago God blessed me with an epic 40th birthday celebration! I still can hardly believe all the blessings He poured out on me over the weeks surrounding my birthday. In short, I not only traveled through part of Europe with my best friend for eight days and spent my birthday on top of a glacier in Switzerland, I also enjoyed three days in Paris – a dream come true! Sometimes God blesses us far beyond what we ever imagined or asked Him for!

Last year on my birthday, I was alone and stuck in the house (thanks Covid). I zoomed with a couple of friends and my mom, ate some ice cream, and that was it. It felt very anti-climatic after the year before, like turning 41 was hardly worth celebrating. 


This year, my birthday was closer to “normal” – neither epic nor empty. I spent my birthday with my mom, relaxing and laughing. The next day I got to ride a horse! And I hiked to a waterfall, enjoying the beauty of God’s creation. 


Regardless of how I end up celebrating, there’s something about birthdays that makes me reflect. This year I’m in awe of how many dreams I’ve had that God has already fulfilled in my short life. Here are just a few of the big ones…


I got to own a horse. 

I got to be a missionary.

I’ve written books and had them published. 

I’ve partnered with a friend to create greeting cards, calendars, magnets and other meaningful gifts. 

I’ve traveled to many places I dreamed of – Ireland, Scotland, Norway, Austria, Paris…not to mention all the places I got to visit that I never expected to – Slovenia, Slovakia, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Lichtenstein…talk about above and beyond! 

I’ve gotten certified as a life coach and a reflexologist. 

I’ve attended many amazing conferences – for missions, Christian media, writers, etc. 

I’ve been blessed to meet incredible people like Cynthia Heald, Beth Moore, Robin Jones Gun and many other heroes of the faith to me. 

…on and on.


Sometimes I feel like I’ve had so many dreams fulfilled that it’s not fair…I mean, does everyone get this many dreams fulfilled in their lifetime? 


At the same time, I remember that God isn’t done with me yet. He’s still writing His story for me. He still has more dreams yet to fulfill. And I believe He has new dreams He wants to plant in my heart that haven’t even occurred to me yet.  


I’m so grateful for all that God has done in my life in these 42 years! And I believe He has new frontiers for me still yet to come. Sometimes that feels scary…sometimes it inspires me. Either way, I feel in need of fresh courage from Him. Even when we live seeing our dreams fulfilled, this life is hard. 


Birthdays remind me that life is short…that I have one life to live…and that I want to make the most of it…in spite of hardships, limitations, setbacks, suffering, and the unexpected. 


And that brings me back to grace and courage – for only with these gifts from Jesus can I live the life He dreamed for me. 


So as I begin a new year, I’m asking for new measures of grace and courage, of faith and joy, of strength and peace…so that my Father can bring me to new frontiers and new dreams –  all for His glory. 


What about you? Have you taken time lately to reflect on the dreams God has already fulfilled in your life and to also consider the new frontiers He has in store for you? 


I’m praying extra grace and courage for you today my friend.