Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Wounded Souls (Unos Almas Heridas)

     A Wounded Soul
Today I met a wounded soul,
His eyes with pain were full.
He told a story of life that’s hard, 
Of choices badly made.
His shoulders slumped, his voice was low,
Despair was in his thoughts.
Where could he turn? 
What could he do? 
He looked at me,
And I knew must speak.
“I know a man who changes lives,”
I shared the hope I have.
God’s precious Word I passed along
To give new strength and life.
Today I met a wounded soul.
I gave him healing truth.
I pray by grace next time we meet,
This man will be made whole.

Father God, 
We know there are wounded souls all around us. Please open our eyes to see them, open our mouths to speak your truth in love, and open their hearts to receive your gift of life through Jesus.
Amen and amen.

Almas Heridas

     Un Alma Herida
Hoy encontré un alma herida,
Sus ojos estaban llenos de dolor.
Contó una historia de vida que es difícil,
De decisiones mal hechas.
Sus hombros caídos, su voz baja,
Había desesperación en sus pensamientos.
¿A dónde podría volverse?
¿Qué podría hacer?
Me miró,
Y supe que debía hablar.
“Conozco un hombre que salva vidas,”
Compartí la esperanza que tengo.
Pasé la preciosa Palabra de Dios
Para dar nueva fortaleza y vida.
Hoy conocí un alma herida.
Le di verdad sanadora.
Oro que, por gracia, la siguiente vez que nos veamos,
Este hombre será hecho íntegro.

Dios Padre,
Sabemos que hay almas heridas alrededor nuestro. Por favor, abre nuestros ojos para verlas, abre nuestra boca para hablar tu verdad en amor y abre sus corazones para recibir tu regalo de vida por medio de Jesús.
Amén y amén


Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Lovely poem JoAnna. I am assuming that you wrote I correct??
and it is so true that there are so many wounded hearts.......

Bless you sweetie,

Joanna K. Harris said...

Hi Nellie! Yes, I wrote this poem several years ago actually. Since then I've been housebound so much, I didn't have many opportunities for seeing people. Now that I'm able to get out and about more, I realized how important it is for me to have open eyes to others once again. I pray God will use us all to share His life-giving truth with those in need.
Hope you're having a good week!