Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Well, yesterday was not a good day. I went for allergy testing and got VERY sick from the offices there. I couldn't even stay in the testing room for a minute. They finally had to do my testing in the hallway. By the time they got to me I was wiped out, so they only tested for one thing. I told the nurse I was taking today off and I'd be back on Thursday.
It's very discouraging to get so sick at the place where they are supposed to be helping me. Yet I know God is in control of these details. Sometimes I wish I knew what He was trying to do, but as the song goes, "then I'd never have reason to use my faith." I definitely need prayer for continued confidence in Him.
My mom was so sweet last night, she rented Pride & Prejudice for us to watch! It's such a good movie, always cheers me up. =) Today we went driving around town just to get out of the apartment (which is also now bothering my allergies a little). I took pictures of some interesting houses around here. Some of them look like mini-castles. I'm not sure I'd want to live in one, but they're fun to look at.
So tomorrow I'm going back to the clinic. I hope it will go ok. I don't really know what to expect. I prayed before coming up here that God would help me not have expectations, because I knew it might be a lot worse than I was hoping. However, I never even considered the possibility that just being in the clinic offices would make me worse! Funny, no matter how much you think you're prepared, God can always have something completely unexpected in store. I just hope He has some unexpected wonderful results in store too! But if not, it's ok. I know He sees the whole picture, while I have only one small puzzle piece. Someday I'll see the whole picture too.
Thanks for your prayers!

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