Thursday, July 31, 2008

Another day...

Today I went back to the clinic for more allergy testing. They had to do it in the hallway because I was determined not to go into the office where I get so sick. I guess it's pretty amazing that they even consented to do that because apparently it's a risk legally. Anyway, the nurse tried 4 different doses of histamine on my arm, but they all caused symptoms, (sleepy, headache, dizzy, etc.) I finally felt too awful to do anymore. So we had to quit even though they didn't find the right antigen dose for me.
While I was sitting there, I talked with a lady from Italy. She said it took them a long time to find the right dose of histamine for her too. She really needs it because she has anaplaxis (I think that's like when your throat closes & you can't breathe). The histamine shot she takes is kind of like benedryl only more powerful I think. That's why they always test for it first. Anyway, this lady came to the clinic 3 years ago and she's still there! She actually got much worse at first because they tried to test for too many things and she crashed. I just couldn't believe she's stayed here for 3 years and is only a little better, not well enough to go back to Italy. Her story was so sad, I kind of felt like my complaints were minor in comparison. It's really shocking how many people from all over the world are suffering with environmental illness. I guess it's largely because our world has become so toxic. I can't wait for pesticides, no exhaust fumes, no cigarette will be the perfect environment! That's starting to mean a whole lot more to me now than it used to.
Anyway, tomorrow I'm going back for an appointment with the dr at the clinic. Some of my bloodwork is back, so we'll see what he has to say. I don't know if there are any other treatmetns he can recommend right now or not. I just hope & pray that I'll be able to communicate what I need to and that he won't get upset with me. (In the interest of self-preservation, I don't think I'm a very obliging patient sometimes.) Today we drove over to Dr. Johnson's office so I could check it out. I seemed to do fine in there, praise God. So now we're just praying that he'll have a cancellation so I can get in before the 13th. God knows what is best though. I trust He will show us what to do in the meantime. My mom says I should see this as an adventure. I confess, that perspective is escaping me at the moment, but I know with God ALL things are possible! Especially with so many great people praying for me. =)
Well, as my mom always says, today is gone, today was fun (that's what she says, even when it wasn't fun), tomorrow is another one.
Until tomorrow, rest in peace.

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Gapper Nest said...

Father, we ask that you would give Joanna the strength of your Holy Spirit to keep her countenance in the midst of her suffering. Please open up and appointment with Dr. Johnson. Father, You are the Great Physician. Please hear our prayers. You are a God of mercy, please heal Joanna. For the sake of Your reputation as a just God, please heal this faithful servant of Yours. Father, Abba Father, please hear the sorrows and sufferings of your child and respond as a loving father would. Amen.