Saturday, March 30, 2024

From Despair to Life

“The women who had come with Jesus from Galilee followed Joseph and saw the tomb and how is body was laid in it. Then they went home and prepared spices and perfumes. But they rested on the Sabbath in obedience to the commandment.” -Luke 23:55-56

I was curious about something, so I checked each of the four Gospel accounts. I only found two mentions of what happened on Saturday (the day after Jesus died). In Matthew, the Jewish leaders went to Pilate to ask him to make the tomb secure. And in Luke, the women were noted to have rested on the Sabbath. 

That’s it. There is no mention of the disciples and how they spent that Saturday. 

I don’t think I can even imagine what that day was like for the disciples. They had lived with Jesus closely for three years. They knew He was the Messiah sent by God. They had left everything to follow Him. 

And now Jesus was dead. 

Those men must have felt so many different emotions. I can only guess that despair was a prominent one. And that’s an emotion many of us can relate to. I’ve known Jesus as my Savior since I was five years old…and I’ve still felt despair on several occasions. 

But we have something now that the disciples didn’t have on that Saturday. We know Jesus rose from the dead. We know He has provided hope for every moment of despair. And we have the privilege of sharing that message with those who have yet to hear it. 

This Easter, may His resurrection restore hope to your heart. And may you be encouraged to share the gospel with others who desperately need to hear. 


My friend Kelly recently wrote a poem that so beautifully illustrates these truths. She agreed to let me share it here. I hope it blesses you. 


Blessed Easter, my friends! He is risen! 



Rescued to a New Life 

Sometimes words come easily, sometimes not at all,

Yearning for a way to break down these stone made walls.

I look all around me and search for an escape,

But everywhere I turn is another ten foot gate.


Where is my rescue? How long till I’m found?

I try to look up but all I see is the ground.

Torturing insecurities simply take my breath away.

I white knuckle the shovel as I dig my own grave.


Gazing into the sky, staring at the stars,

The moon is my light, but it’s not shining very far.

The darkness is growing. Life’s getting harder for me,

But it’s not my reflection in the mirror I see.


Has Someone taken my place in this long road of life,

Providing relief from the pain I feel inside?

At times it’s overwhelming. At times I cannot breathe, 

But there’s only One Who promised that He would never leave.


God, my Father, is with me, protecting me day and night.

He eases the suffering. He is my will to survive.

When He looks at me, He sees His perfect Son.

Because Christ took my place, a new life has begun.


by Kelly McCombs

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