Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Gift of Forgetfulness

I know November is usually focused on thankfulness, but I’ve realized that one thing I’m very thankful for is forgetfulness. If you don’t already, I have a feeling you’ll soon agree with me. 

For example, let’s have some fun…

Remember that awful season in junior high when there was so much insecurity, relational stress, and piles of homework? You don’t remember? Oh good. 

Remember that year you had the flu so bad you weren’t sure you would make it, and frankly you reached the point where you didn’t care anymore? Remember how you felt? Oh, it’s coming back to you vaguely now? 

Remember when you were so stressed out and worried about that one situation, that you lost sleep, you couldn’t focus, and then it all worked out in the end? Oh, you only remember that it worked out well? Yeah, I understand. 

Ok, I’m being a little silly, but the reality is that as humans we have the ability to forget. Most of the time we complain about this – forgetting the keys, forgetting someone’s birthday, forgetting where we’re going tomorrow…. But there’s also a time where forgetfulness is the blessing we need. 

We all go through hardship, trials, pain, suffering, and grief. If we remembered every painful moment, every unkind word, every fearful emotion…it would be so awful! 

That’s not to say we forget all of the bad things that happen to us. But time has a way of softening so much of the difficult, stressful or painful things we go through. Even better than time, is God’s healing touch. Whatever we bring to Him, He can heal. Then, even if we remember the circumstance, the painful emotions are no longer there. He’s done that for me many times. 

In recent years I’ve learned to pray, “Lord, help me to remember what you want me to from this situation/trial/experience. And help me to forget the rest.” He has answered that prayer, for which I’m very grateful!

And as my friend Kati says, when you’re in the middle of a new trial, just tell yourself, “I can’t wait til I’ve forgotten about this.” 

Blessings and Happy Thanksgiving!

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