Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blessings In The Pain

My mom has a saying, "God multiplies the blessings in the pain."

None of us want to go through pain. Yet all of us do. It's an inescapable reality of life on earth.

At the same time, we have a heavenly Father who loves us and who is with us in the painful times. Thus my mom's saying - that God doesn't just get us through the painful times. He also has blessings for us in the pain.

The last few weeks have been very painful for me - because of difficult circumstances, trouble breathing from very bad air quality in TX, lack of sleep, spiritual attacks, etc. I've felt like I'm in survival mode, which is something I hoped I'd never experience again. But here I am.

In this awful place, God is still giving blessings. He is still good. He is still worthy of my praise.

I praise God that I am still breathing (not great, but enough).
I praise God that I got to attend the Pink Impact conference (my church's women's conference, which was sold out, but God provided a ticket for me). The conference was such a huge blessing!!!
I praise God for my church and how He blesses me every time I'm there.
I praise God for friends who pray with me in the midst of the pain.
I praise God for my mom, who came to see me in TX! 
I praise God for visits with friends who help me laugh and encourage me.
I praise God that He WILL keep His promise to work all the pain for good somehow.

I'd really appreciate your prayers right now - that I'll be able to breathe better, for direction about what to do, for deliverance from spiritual attacks, and for God to bring good from this for His glory! Thank you!

I hope your circumstances are better than mine right now. But if not, I pray God will continue to multiply His blessings for you in the midst of the pain.

The Pink Impact theme was "Fearless"...very appropriate right now. 
 Making a new friend.

                                                                   My mom and I got to visit with dear friends in TX! =)

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