Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Me-attitudes are different from beattitudes. But I think they are also important. =)

Me-attitudes are the attitudes I have toward myself, what I think about myself, how I see myself.

I noticed this week that many times I have a
- poor-me attitude
- sad-me attitude
- wimpy-me attitude

What I really should have is a
- I'm so thankful me-attitude
- I'm fully loved me-attitude
- I'm confident in God me-attitude

We all know attitude makes a big difference. I'm trying to pay better attention to the attitudes about myself that I'm carrying around. Because the wrong attitudes sure do weigh a ton.

Lord, help us to see ourselves as YOU see us. Give us me-attitudes that reflect your truth and bring you glory.

What me-attitudes would you like to have this week?

1 comment:

Mrs said...

I'd like to have the I can give grace to others me attitude.

Also the stop being a martyr me. ;-)