Friday, April 15, 2011

The "Right" Thing

I love it when, by God's grace, I actually cooperate with Him and rely on His help to do the "right" thing.

Sometimes doing the "right" thing means choosing between what's "right or wrong." Other times it's deciding between "right or left." Either way, I believe God will always direct us in what HIS will is, through His Word, His Spirit, godly counsel, etc.

What are the benefits of doing the "right" thing?

Some specific times when I did the "right" thing, I -
- gained an unexpected but lifelong friend
- got an excellent Bible college education
- touched a life desperate for hope
- was freed from bitterness
- watched God do the impossible!

It isn't always easy to do the "right" thing. At times I've had to -
- humble myself instead of protesting my innocence
- take advice from that other person
- open my mouth when I was afraid to speak
- forgive though I never received an apology
- stand in faith, believing with God ALL things are possible!

Because of who He is, God will always give us the ability to do everything He asks us to do. And the cherry on top, is that then He blesses us with benefits we can't foresee from doing the "right" thing!

There's never been a single time when I've regretted doing the "right" thing. I guess that's why I love it when God helps me do it! =)

Whether you're facing a decision of "right or wrong" or of "right or left," I hope you'll remember (and you can remind me too) that -
The "Right" thing is always the right thing!

- What do you love about how God works in your life?


Nellie's Cozy Place said...

Morning Joanna,
You are so right!! lol
Doing the right thing is always the right thing, no matter how hard it is. I have found that doing the wrong thing is usually the easy way out..........but the wrong way!!

God is clear in Deuteronomy when he said Obedience brings blessing, disobedience brings cursing, and we can choose! I like you choose the blessing of obedience, even when it is hard, it is always the best way.

Got your email about your book, and yes, I would be happy to do that.
Things have been a bit busy around here lately so give me some time and I will see what I can do. As soon as I figure out how to go about it exactly I will get back in touch with you cause I am thinking it might be good to give each Pastor a book to read first, cause I know I want recommend something if I haven't read it myself first.

So let me have some time to think about it and I will get back in touch with you, cause your friend is right........I think that is a good idea. Cause it truly is a good book and needs to get out there helping folks.

You take care sweetie, and hope you are feeling much better,
Love ya, Nellie

David said...

Some things I love about the way God works in my life:
-He is grieved when I sin, but forgives without hesitation the instant I repent. He loves me the same, even during an act of sin. Sin which, though terrible, can (by God's grace) lead to an even closer walk with Him and even sweeter fellowship, because I experience again His forgiveness.
-He is patient with me. When I do not learn a lesson the first time, He is not angry or upset.
-He surprises me with good things because He likes me. :)