Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Desert

Something that encouraged me this week was Luke 3:2, "the word of God came to John, son of Zechariah in the desert."

It's a simple verse, but it got me thinking. Where was John when the word of God came to him? I've learned that so often God speaks to us when we're in the "desert"!

Like Moses and the burning bush, the Israelites at Mount Sinai, Paul in the desert of Arabia, and even Jesus when He was tempted in the wilderness.

The "desert" is often a time of hearing from God. It's also a time of preparation for something greater that is coming.

Even though the desert is lonely, barren, difficult,'s part of God's plan for us.

The Lord wants to speak to you in your desert. He wants to reveal more of Himself to you. He is preparing you for something grand, something He can only accomplish through you after you have walked through the burning sand and the scorching wind.

The desert is the road to the fruitful harvest.

I hope that encourages you today like it encouraged me! In everything you're going through, God is right there with you. And He has a good purpose for all things, even the desert.

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David said...

It was encouraging to me, so thank you. :)