Friday, January 1, 2010

Happy New Year!

2009 - What a year!
Yep, 2009 was a remarkable year - full of really bad things, and really good things.

From January to September I lived in 7 different "homes," traveled from FL to MO, to AZ, to ID, back to MO, then finally back to FL. I don' think I've ever traveled so many miles in one year.

Bad things - being "homeless," having to sleep in the car, running from smoke, asphalt, pesticide aerial spraying, more fires and smoke, herbicide, etc. Also, having trouble breathing, going to the ER, getting worse physically, etc.

Good things - getting to see family & friends I hadn't seen in years (in AL, MO, AZ, ID, NE, MT, etc.). Also getting to visit Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.
- God's provision through every hardship, the love of His people, and His comforting presence.
- making new friends, writing a book, coming home again!

As you can see the good clearly outweighs the bad here. =) Praise be to God!

So now it's a new year - 2010. I wonder what this year will hold? I hope there won't be as many bad things as last year, but as long as there are plenty of good things, how can I complain?

Some of my goals this year are
1) to keep working hard on my health and Lord-willing see major improvements
2) to keep writing, as God leads and directs
3) to raise greater awareness about Environmental Illness

As part of working toward goal #3, I've written a "Frragrance-Free" Challenge for you all on my other blog. I hope you'll check it out and give it a try! =)

2010, here we come! =)
I wish you a wonderful & Happy New Year!

Grace & peace in Christ,

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