Wednesday, November 25, 2009

my book...

Ok, it's official - the book is on its way to the printers! Praise the Lord!
This book has been a work of God's grace from beginning to end. He is so amazing!
Anyway, the book is called "Grace In Time Of Need - Encouragement For Those Who Are Suffering."
It has 52 devotionals and also includes several poems and some photographs from all my travels over the last year. I've copied out some excerpts below. I hope you enjoy reading them. =)
Ordering information is at the bottom of this post. Please feel free to tell others about it if you think they'd be interested. I'm relying on word of mouth to promote it since my publisher doesn't do advertising or marketing. Thanks & enjoy!

from “Never Say Good-bye”

... In His grace, God has made suffering a place of deeper communion with Jesus. We can experience that communion because Jesus is always with us. In every moment of pain, we can cry out to Him. With every breath of air, in each moment of peace, we can thank Him. We can listen to His voice and know He’s holding our hand. We can go to sleep confident He will hold us. We can wake up to His presence and to mercies new each morning. The best part of all is that we will never, ever have to say good-bye to Him! ...

from “A Sponge”

... God knows that I’m made of dust. (Ps. 103:14) I don’t think He ever gets tired of reminding me He loves me. Love is patient, after all. It’s not a bother to Him to repeat His promises over and over. He’s already repeated them from Genesis to Revelation. And His resources are unlimited. He can use any number of ways to send me encouragement again and again. I may be a porous sponge, always leaking out the encouragement God pours in and never getting quite full, but I know He will never stop pouring into me all that I need and more. ...

from “He Knows”

... Whatever situation I’m in, even though my circumstances may be different than His, I’m learning that Jesus truly does know. He can sympathize and share in my pain. That’s probably why Paul talked about the fellowship of sharing in His sufferings. (Phil. 3:10) In every hardship, we can find some common ground with Jesus. We can let Him take us a little deeper into knowing His heart and understanding what He went through – all for love of us. ...

from “Blessed”

... What better method does God have for drawing us near to Him than through suffering? It is through pain, hardships, and affliction that God draws us closer to His heart. We’re not being punished – we’re being invited! Granted, it’s not an enjoyable process, but the end result of closer fellowship with God is certainly worth it. ...

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You can order this book at the Deeper Roots website ( Just copy this address into your web browser to go right to my book -


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