Tuesday, September 8, 2009

almost home...

Yes, I'm finally on my way home! It's been a crazy summer, but not without its good points. I enjoyed seeing old friends again and also seeing more of the country. Thought I'd share a few pix from my wild trip out west this summer. =) Enjoy!

AZ cactus

Mountains around Tucson

me being a tourist. =)

red rocks of Sedona, AZ

me at the Grand Canyon

I'm so glad we got to visit the Grand Canyon! It was great!

Me, mom, and another moose (this one was in ID).

Lake Cur D'Alane, ID.

Some hot springs in Yellowstone.

Big buffalo!

Me & the Yellowstone buffalo. =)

We spent a short day driving through Yellowstone, beautiful scenery!

Sunflowers in our friends' garden in Montana.

There were lots of horses in Montana, these two were quite friendly.

I got a real cowgirl hat in WY! =)

They have statues of moose everywere in the northwest. This one was in WY. Very interesting materials....

This beauty was growing in a pot on my friend's porch in Omaha.

Mom and the Shad Welsh family in southern NE.

My friend Katie was definitely the most beautiful sight in Nebraska! =)

This field of sunflowers was huge! with wild sunflowers right in front...

God's creation is amazing! Now it's back to flat least it's home. =)


Mrs said...

Thank you for posting the photos of those beautiful desert mountains! I miss home!

So glad you're coming back to the sandbar. =)

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful journey in scenery and in spirit you've had during your wanderings. I'm happy that you're back at home, though!
Katie G.