Monday, October 13, 2008

Marvelous Grace

God has been teaching me so much about His GRACE! I just finished an excellent book by Jerry Bridges called "Transforming Grace." I highly recomend it! It's about how we are not only saved by Grace, but we must also live by Grace every moment. He brought up a lot of areas where we subconciously live with a 'works' mentality instead of being mindful of Grace. I was surprised how many of them I could relate to in my own life. It was so encouraging to meditate on all the ways God shows His grace...forgiving my sins day after day, giving me opportunities to minister, empowering me to minister by the power of His Spirit, extending kindness that I could never deserve...the list goes on & on. It's like a whole new world opening up, seeing the wonders of God's Grace and all it means in my life!
Wayne Watson has a song called "Grace" that kind of sums it up simply.
"Grace keeps giving me things I don't deserve,
Mercy keeps withholding things I do.
Words that seldom fail me
Leave me looking for the words
To express my gratitude..."
Those words have been playing over & over in my mind ever since I first heard the song, and it's a refrain I think I'll carry with me til I meet Jesus face to face and am transformed to perfection by His GRACE! Halelujah! =)

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MiddleEarthMusician said...

Hi Joanna, just by accident I found your blog, I'm so glad. Laurie always keeps us updated on you and your in our prayers.

Bret and Katey