Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Chopsticks &r Trust

So here's the latest twist in my crazy life -- I'm getting allergic to my computer! Actually, it's a sensitivity to electricity, which a laptop puts out a lot of, unfortunately. At first it just made me tired, but then it started feeling like my fingers were birned, just from touching the keyboard.
I knew this was a possibility, as other patients I talked to had the same problem, in some cases severe. but I was really hoping God was going to keep me from this particular problem, since email is such a lifeline for me. It's just one more thing I ha ve to surrender to Him and trust that He knows what He's doing.
I am thankful that at least I've found some temporary aids. I got a mouse plugged in to my laptop so I don't have to touch the keypad, and I'm sitting jere typing with two pencils. (Let me tell you, it's not easy for this super-speedy typist!) I think maybe chopsticks would be more effective, but since I don't have any, I'm making do with the pencils. My life is never dull. (boring maybe, but not dull.) =)

Today God gave me a neat object lesson. I'm staying with friends while my mom works on making our house more allergy-safe for me. It's so hard not to be able to help her or ro have any control over what's happening there. I just have to trust that she has the strength & wisdom to do what needs to be done. It's the same with God. I can't see what He's doing, but I know He's doing what is best for me because He loves me. And some day I'll go to the Home He has prepared for me and I'll know He never wasted any time or pain I went through.

So here I sit, waiting, trusting, and wishing I had some chopsticks....

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